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Your Third Party Money Manager

At Briggs Financial Group we employ various third party money managers that help our advisors work with their clients to best achieve their goals, objectives and risk tolerance. Using A Smarter Way to Invest, we are leveraging a more tactical, discipline-driven approach to portfolio management, seeking out opportunities for growth while mitigating the risk of significant loss. To get started, you can evaluate your existing portfolio utilizing our software to highlight key details including true costs, correlations, overlapping risks, and the opportunity for improved efficiency.

Discipline Investing

You deserve better than throwing darts at a dozen of last year’s top rated mutual funds and stocks that are showcased on finance TV shows and financial magazines. By following a formula which relies on both Technical and Fundamental metrics we successfully eliminate human emotion.

Buy and Hold

The Buy & Hold strategy is exactly what it sounds like. In a bear or bull market, your portfolio remains stagnant. After an initial analysis of your risk tolerance, your advisor places you in a stagnant portfolio of equities and income instruments that is hopefully weighted to meet your appropriate level of risk at that moment in time. During bull markets your assets will grow with the market, and bear markets usually result in large losses that eliminate previous gains. The idea behind this strategy is when the market does turn around; your portfolio will make a recovery which should bring you back to even.

Risk-Based Results

If you are like many investors, your advisor has employed a buy and hold strategy, allocating your portfolio into mutual funds and a sampling of stocks and ETFs. While buy and hold may be successful in the long term, it is hardly for the faint of heart given the volatile nature of markets today’s markets. After the market crashes in 2000, 2008, and 2011, we believe in taking a more dynamic approach. We are proud to use cutting edge technology to accurately pinpoint your true risk tolerance, establish a plan to realize your goals, and guide progress towards them. This technology powers your Briggs Financial Group Advisor by enabling them to allocate your investments across asset classes and premier asset managers to precisely match your risk tolerance and plan objectives with changing market conditions.

Leveraging Our Dynamic Management Strategy

Allocations Built from Dynamic Models

Your assets will be invested into a strategic allocation tailored to your goals. Each investment allocation is comprised of actively managed models, each with different strategies and risk levels. When combined, these models are designed to maximize performance while mitigating volatility in bear markets.

Dynamic Management at Briggs Financial Group allows your portfolio to fluctuate between asset classes based on market conditions. During bull markets, your assets will be blended between equity and income instruments to maximize gains during advances while taking on an appropriate level of risk. During bear markets, we will begin to move your portfolio into safer asset classes. This strategy aims to minimize the loss felt during bear markets so your portfolio spends more me growing during advancing markets, not recovering.

Asset Allocation

Not every investment is suitable for every investor. We start by walking you through our specifically tailored questionnaire to determine which of our proprietary solutions will help achieve your investment goals, while maintaining an appropriate level of risk.

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