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About Briggs Financial Group

The Briggs Financial Group Story

Ronald J. Briggs Jr., FIC, CRPC®

Financial Professional Ronald J. Briggs Jr, FIC, CRPC®, is the youngest 39-year industry veteran and Financial Advisor in the country at his current age of 57!

As the founder of Caitlin John Private Wealth Management, a Fiduciary based Registered Investment Advisor firm established in late 2010, the inspiration and namesake of Caitlin John was conceived from Ron and his wife Kristin’s two children’s middle names. The vision then and future legacy was to build a fiduciary-based advisory firm to continue serving his clients and future generations grow his practice. The boutique feel and personalized experience that Ron’s clients felt spread to other Advisors both locally and nationally and enabled the Firm to grow exponentially to this date. Each of these Advisors came to Caitlin John to be part of our “FIDUCIARY” and independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm with their own individual brand and identity they built in their local community. With that being said, Ron and his Team of Tax and Risk mitigation experts are proud to announce the Briggs Financial Group, Wealth Advisors (BFG) serving Ron’s personal clients across the US, with its dual national headquarters located in Brighton, Michigan and Bonita Springs, Florida.

 Our Company Values

The future looks brighter when you’re more prepared. We’ll help you plan for what you expect to achieve in life — and any changes you may encounter along the way.

For those who are looking for financial advice, we realize the available options are many and deciding who to work with is a challenging problem. Listed below are our Company Values which we hope will give you a better understanding of how we operate.


We understand that every person is valuable and should receive the respect and honor they deserve. In this industry, relationships matter. You and your family are our priority, and we’re here to help provide both with a better future.


We’re in the service industry, here to serve you professional guidance to help benefit your future and accomplish your goals. We will always be focused on pursuing business excellence.

Our Beliefs

The integrity of our company is a staple in our business model. We believe the truth is important, and don’t waiver on our beliefs. Being a fiduciary agency means that the services we provide must be ethical and trustworthy, and place a higher value on other people and their needs over our own.

Communication is Important

Building a relationship with our clients means communicating with them. We believe that in order for our business relationship to reach the full potential, we must provide a frequent, timely, truthful & relevant form of communication.

Meet Our Support Team

Max Carlson, CPA

Financial Advisor

Max Carlson is one of several Financial Advisors of the BFG Wealth Advisors team. Max joined the BFG team in 2020, after spending the first 8 years of his career in public accounting, specializing in tax compliance and tax consulting for transactions & entity structuring for real estate investment and private equity firms. As a CPA, Max brings a robust knowledge of advanced planning and tax mitigation strategies to complement the financial planning and investment management expertise of the BFG Wealth Advisors team. In addition to his passion for helping individuals and families with wealth management and advanced financial planning strategies, Max enjoys many hobbies that involve sports and the outdoors, including hiking, camping, skiing, triathlon, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and ice hockey.

Ronald J. Briggs III

Financial Advisor

After graduating from Central Michigan University with a degree in Finance he began his career with one of the largest Insurance Companies in the United States. During his tenure there, Ronald was an instrumental part of a strategic sales and support team, servicing Advisors and their Clients with technical planning concepts and strategies using various products offered by the Insurance company to implement stability throughout retirement as well as maximizing their legacy.

Although he learned valuable industry knowledge, he realized after a few years his passion was being more hands on with Clients. He made the transition to Caitlin John Private Wealth Management an independent Fiduciary Advisory firm, and now enjoys his Team role as a Financial Advisor in the Branch office of the Briggs Financial Group (BFG Wealth Advisors). Ronald specializes in designing risk on, risk off and tax mitigation Retirement Planning strategies for Individual and Business Clients. In his spare time, Ronald enjoys golfing, snowboarding and water sports.