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A Fiduciary Advisory Firm Committed to Providing a Highly Transparent and Uniquely Personal Client Financial Planning Experience

The Legacy

Ron Briggs, a 36-year industry veteran, founded Caitlin John Private Wealth Management in 2010. The inspiration and namesake of Caitlin John was conceived from Ron and his wife Kristin’s two children’s middle names. The vision then was to build a fiduciary-based advisory firm to continue serving his clients and grow his practice. The boutique feel and personalized experience that Ron’s clients felt spread to other Advisors both locally and nationally and enabled the Firm to grow exponentially to this date. Each of these Advisors came to Caitlin John to be part of our independent SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm with their own individual brand they built in their local community. With that being said, Ron is proud to announce the Briggs Financial Group, Wealth Advisors (BFG) serving Ron’s personal clients across the US, with its national headquarters located in Brighton, Michigan.

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Our passion is working with individuals, business owners and professionals, to build a strong financial plan as the core foundation of the future they envision. Ron has spent his career educating and preparing clients during their accumulation years to navigate the pitfalls and misconceptions in key areas of planning for their Retirement. Today, many of his very first clients, going back to 1984, are now successfully enjoying their golden retirement years.


35+ Years Experience

We have over 35 years of experience managing individual’s wealth and assets. With that comes a knowledge that is needed to help you leave a legacy.


A Team of Professionals

We can provide you with financial confidence. We accomplish this by developing a personalized plan focused on your future and achieving your goals.


Trustworthy & Loyal

Being a Fiduciary Agency means that we’re here to lookout for your best interest. We will always do what’s best for you, because that’s what’s best for us.

What Is The Fiduciary Difference?

Why Briggs Financial Group?

Introducing A Smarter Way to Invest

The Briggs Group and our Advisors work closely with third party Portfolio Managers like a Smarter Way to Invest. They are also an Independent Registered Investment Advisor Firm focused solely on portfolio management.

Knowing What You Own...

The financial services industry has become largely comprised of brokers selling products who are primarily transactional! It’s important that you know the difference between Suitability vs Fiduciary.

Net Retirement Income Maximization™

Your Retirement Goals and Dreams may only be achievable through the perpetual and sustainable cash flow that is needed to power two, three, or even four decades of your retirement.

Follow Your Retirement Dreams

How do you picture your retirement? Relaxing on a beach somewhere? Playing golf at the top courses across the country?

Protecting Your Family’s Legacy

When you think about leaving your mark on this world, the first thing that probably comes to mind is your legacy.

High Tides Float All Ships

At The Briggs Financial Group, we understand the importance of continuing education not only for the growth of our Advisors but for the well-being of their clients.