Thank You For Contacting Us

We look forward to speaking with you on your scheduled call! Please prepare by completing the follow steps. If you fail to complete the following this will delay the process.  


Step One: Create an account on
Account creation is a multi step process as you may have to confirm your email a couple times through out the process.

  • Once logged in you will download your XML or PDF statement.  See image below.

Step Two: Send this document to

  • We will use the earnings information found within this document to populate the most accurate analysis possible. 

 Step Three: If you have a spouse you can repeat steps 1 through 2 and we will calculate that within the analysis as well. 

Additional Steps: (If applicable)

  • Any expected future earnings
  • Any other cash benefits you are currently receiving
    • Retirement
    • Disability
    • Widow benefits

If you have difficulty creating an account on and downloading the XML file we will do our best to help you in creating an account.  This would require a video conference call.  We would advise you seek help from a family member if you are having difficulty. 


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